Sunday, 20 May 2012


I know the all the big fashion shows were ages ago, but I've literally only just got a chance to have a little look at the trends for aw12. I'm right in the middle of A-levels at the moment and as fun as that is, I'm very behind in the world of fashion. My mum's gone super anal about revision and has my latest Vogue hostage somewhere, so I have had to make do with the internet which is quite tricky. I have work experience with a newspaper magazine in October, and I'm already trying to plan out what to wear - I hate 'smart-casual'! I love Burberry Prorsum's coats this year, and I would love to create a similar look for the work experience, just a lot cheaper.
I love the shape of this grey coat, love the bag too.
I'll have to wait until the exams are over until I can have a proper look though, but I'll be free by Thursday at last! I`actuilly can't wait to go clothes shopping finally, I have saved so much money by being virtually locked in, so I'm going to have fun :)

I ordered by Brighton Fashion Week tickets last week for just £4 for the ready to wear show on the 3rd of June and I can't wait. Brighton's really good for fashion because it has such a variety of shops from Urban Outfitters and Topshop to the little shops in the lanes. The designers this year are showcasing a wide range of different styles, I love the craziness of Aneta Mackonyte's fluffy coloured wool - even if I'd never wear it myself - and I cant wait to check out everyone else. Apart from the retro 50s-ish ranges you're always going to find at show like these. I hate the cutesy housewifey image with the big skirts, polka-dots and halter-necks; it's so overdone and sooo old, I mean who even wears petticoats now???
Aneta Mackonyte
Aneta Mackonyte

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